IFI Global events

IFI Global events

The Changing Structure of Alternative Asset Management

21 September 2017, Browns Courtrooms, 82-84 St Martins Lane, London WC21

The results of research and debate on:

Private equity fund governance
Over the spring and summer of 2017 IFI Global has undertaken a major research study with GPs and LPs on private equity fund governance. The results will be presented at this event .

The future of non-exec fund director selection
(Results of research with managers & fund board influencers) IFI Global has surveyed alternative managers and fund board influencers on non-executive fund director selection. It will be presenting the results for the first time at this event.

Fund structuring in the BEPS era
How fund structuring, domiciliation and governance decisions are being affected by BEPS and other external factors.
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This event is free to attend for investors, fund managers and ADI, NED and Tracker subscribers. For others there is a fee of £285 (excl VAT).
For booking enquiries and further details please e-mail: Tamara Sims or phone: +44 (0) 207 220 9077

IFI Global has hosted events on institutional alternative fund investing, domiciliation, fund servicing and governance in the following locations: Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Bahrain, Chicago, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Geneva, Helsinki, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, New York, Oslo, Paris, Qatar, Reykjavik, Singapore, Stockholm, Vienna and Zurich. And it has hosted roundtables in: Cayman, Dublin, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and Malta.

IFI Global's events are highly focussed, provocative and very lively. They are intended to generate debate and serious discussion on the pressing issues of the day. See invitations to recent events.